The Shock

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To get this horror train rolling I’ve chosen The Shock. It’s a little noir horror starring the man, the myth, the legend himself, Vincent Price in his first horror movie starring role.

A young woman who has wild dreams (read: unstable crazy woman) witnesses a murder committed by none other than Mr. Price. ¬†This causes her to go into some sort of catatonic amnesia shock. In case you didn’t know people from the 40′s were not nearly as desensitized as they are today.

A doctor is called in to examine the young woman and get this, Vincent IS the doctor. Mr. Price convinces the woman’s fiance into letting the good doctor take her to his mental hospital for further review. Oh man, I have to say I like this premise.

The doctor and his evil mistress scheme up a plan to make the woman think think that everyone is a killer, thereby ensuring they won’t get busted. If she is crazy, then no one will believe her story.

Through some typical formulaic plot devices in films from this era, the “air tight” plan begins to fall apart. A fluke re-opening of the murder case, a nosy fiance, and a guilty¬†conscious unravel the best laid plans of evil doctors and whore nurses.

At only 70 minutes running time, this flick is just fine.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1946

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