The Bat

March 13, 2010 9:15 am 0 comments ,

Price stars in this Clue-like murder mystery. My first thought was it reminded me of a play and after some further research it turned out I was right. The atmosphere starts out macabre and uneasy but turns into a bit of a snoozer by the end. Vincent’s character provides a nice early shock and makes you believe this movie is most delightful, if only it could have held that level of uneasiness through.  The film still works by throwing a ton of red herrings your way making it difficult to figure who really is the killer.

A million dollars is supposedly hidden in the walls of a mansion that a mystery/thriller writer (Agnes Moorehead) has rented for the summer. The Bat is a masked serial killer who dispatches his victims with a clawed glove, not unlike Freddy Krueger. Everyone else is either butlers or greedy people trying to find the money in the house. Overall The Bat is a notch up from most “killer loose in a house” movies and if you are a fan of the genre it’s worth checking out.

Snore Factor: ZZZ’s

IMDB 1959

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