House on Haunted Hill

Vincent Price stars in one of his best and most memorable roles of all time.

Vincent plays a millionaire playboy who is throwing a macabre party for his eccentric wife in a haunted house. Five strangers are invited to a party and offered $10,000 a piece, the catch, they must stay in the house overnight.

The house itself is amazing, the music is pitch perfect, the directing spot on, the acting superb, the scares fantastic. I especially like the blind lady who flies around the house on roller skates. Which reminds me, the special effects are not great by today’s standards but make for an entertaining watch nonetheless.

As usual, Vincent Price’s delivery forces us to hang on to every word he says. He was truly born to play his role. His conversations with his wife are, in a word, priceless. Both comedic and frightening at the same time, Price is at his vile best.

House on Haunted Hill, even by modern standards, remains a terrifically terrifying entry to the horror genre and a must watch.

Snore Factor Z

IMDB 1959

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