The Abominable Dr. Phibes

From the opening scene you know you’re in for a different kind of viewing experience.  Dr. Phibes’ moody animatronic orchestra performs while a man is covertly attacked by a gaggle of bats. And that’s just the first couple minutes.

In Vincent Price’s 100th starring role he plays a revenge obsessed former concert pianist who likes to kill with innovation and creativity. Nine surgeons botched his wife’s surgery and now they must all be dispatched in a variety of diabolical ways.

Price plays the crazy Dr. Phibes with his usual brilliance and the rest of the cast does a fantastic job in their respective roles, especially the inspectors. The black comedy edge persistent throughout the film makes it all the better. Mix in deaths by a frog head costume, blood draining of a live victim, bat attacks, freezing cars, locusts, and you have the recipe for a cult classic.

The locust attack is uniquely Phibes and needs to be seen in order to truly appreciate both the awesomeness and ridiculousness, in fact that applies to the entire movie. It’s quite an amazing film and I highly recommend it. There is just something about a villain who likes to play games and has a lot of time on his hands that I find irresistible, not to mention the incredibly odd and strange ending to the film.

One of the all time best.

Snore Factor: Z

IMDB 1971

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  • Douja

    Ohh I think I am totally going to rent this :)Thanks