The Offspring

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In the effort to showcase films spanning Vincent Price’s career, today’s movie is The Offspring. Released in 1987 during the latter part of Mr. Price’s life comes an interesting and memorable horror anthology.

Do you like necrophilia? Do you like getting caught out in the rain? Do you like making love to a dead chick after midnight? Well I do, at least in my movies.

The first tale follows a man who strangles and kills a pretty coworker. Then does the most “logical” thing he can think of. Pop open some bubbly and have sex with her corpse in the funeral parlor. Nine months later something happens. Bet you’ll never guess what (see pic for a hint).

Tale number two revolves around a slime ball who runs from his past and right into the swamp where he is saved by a 200 year old man. The old man has the ability to prolong life eternally and the slimeball wants it. In a most excellent twist the slimeball gets exactly what he wants/deserves.

Tale three is about a woman that loves two things: a circus freak and meeting people in graveyards.¬†Unfortunately, the circus owner (Snake Woman) doesn’t approve and intends to halt the budding romance at all costs. Snake Woman has supernatural powers and can make screws and glass come out of the freak’s dick when he tries to have sex. The young couple runs away to live happily ever after, or so they think. Mwhaahaahaa! This one is goreriffic!

The last tale is Children of the Cornesque, but in a good way. Set during the Civil war, the story tells of how the anthology town came to be. Four soldiers end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Evil crazed children who happen to be heavily armed run the town. As a word of caution, one of the kids isn’t afraid to stab you in the balls.

Vincent Price relays the four stories to a young reporter and his conclusion has a nice evil twist. This is a fine addition to the anthology genre and is right up there with some of the best of the best.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1987

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