Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

“They’ll beat you, bash you, squish you, mash you, chew you up for brunch and finish you off for dinner or lunch! ” – Excerpt from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes theme song

Ahhhh yeah…this is going to be a fun week.

AOTKT is widely considered a horror comedy cult classic-satire-parody in the vein of Kentucky Fried Movie or Airplane! (which it preceeds). I forgot about that. This is my second viewing, the first in ages, and honestly I didn’t remember how much cheese went into this movie. Almost the entire movie is one-liners and ridiculousness on par with some of the best. People are killed by tomatoes in about every imaginable way. My faves are: drinking tomato juice, kamikaze flying tomatoes, eating sandwich with tomatoes in it, and being rolled over by giant tomatoes.

Much more focus was put into the comedy aspects of the film than into the horror side. In fact, I would say unless you have an abnormal condition in which you are afraid of tomatoes you will not be frightened at all even for a second. This is a comedy first at foremost and it is good comedy. Case in point, Jesus is in a commercial hawking TVs for a local electronics store.

That doesn’t mean horror fans shouldn’t watch this flick. There are enough murderous tomato scenes to satisfy most horror genre fans even through the silliness that is the rest of the flick.

The plot features all kinds of zaniness but the basic outline is fairly simplistic. Government experiment to make “bigger, healthier” tomatoes goes wrong. Tomatoes go on a vengeful killing spree. The government combats the evil tomatoes by hiring a guy “who hasn’t worked since the Bay of Pigs”. The hired gun sends a man in dressed as a tomato to infiltrate the tomato base…and well you get the point.

Fun cult classic comedy with a pinch of horror that the whole family can enjoy. On the flip side if this isn’t your kinda movie I would avoid it like the plague.

Now I just got get that damn song out of my head. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

IMDB 1978

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