Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

The circular vegetables of death are back, sort of. In the sequel tomatoes barely exist because they are a banned substance. It is 25 years later in the film timeline but only 10 years after the first veggie tale, which is confusing as it sounds but necessary. You see, the main characters are a couple of twenty-something  pizza makers, one of which is played smartly by George Clooney. Tomatoes, being banned after the Great Tomato War, have not made an appearance in pizza pies since. This is a truly frightening thought.

What kind of pizza might they make? Disgusting is the answer. People now routinely order pizza with sardines, raspberry sauce and peanut butter. Horrifying.

ROTKT is better than the original in several key areas. First, the jokes are tamed back enough that the plot is more enjoyable. Second, George Clooney is hilarious. Third, the tomato chick is HOT!

The evil Dr. played by John Astin has created a machine that turns tomatoes into people as part of his plan for world domination. Not just ordinary people, no that would be too easy. His tomato creations mostly look like Rambo complete with machine guns, except one grand exception, the tomato chick. She is smokin’ hot, and not just in the 80′s kind of way. With a little help from Google I found out the after making ROTKT she starred in Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. Yes, I know what you are thinking and you’re right. That is one of the best film titles of all time even surpassing Death Bed: The Bed That Eats.

George Clooney saves the day during the middle of the movie when the production runs out of money. Luckily and hilariously, he recommends to the director product placement. This leads to several tongue-in-cheek moments including my personal favorite involving quad runners.

My biggest complaint was the lack of carnivorous tomatoes rolling down the street killing and making odd noises, which was my favorite part about the original. I would love to see a darker, more serious version in the Killer Tomato franchise. Maybe I’ll write one.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1988

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