Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!

John Astin is back in his role as the evil professor who experiments with tomatoes and I could not care less. Three of these movies in-a-row is a bit much.

KTSB starts out with a nice little tribute to Friday the 13th with a group of small hockey mask wearing tomatoes killing a stupid jogger chick. The following morning a couple cops show up to investigate. I have no clue why one of cops chooses to wear Bengal tiger influenced pants and shirt, but he does. Tomato remains are found at the crime scene ensuring the audience will have to sit through at least 87 more minutes of the film.

The Bengal tiger cop somehow doesn’t believe that killer tomatoes exist. He apparently didn’t watch the first two films, if he did he would know there were two separate tomato uprisings that nearly wiped out mankind. I bet he is a holocaust denier also.

The tomato effects are much improved form the previous movies. The bug infested killing machines look more menacing, the upgraded look includes evil faces and teeth on individual tomatoes. Nice improvement over the last movie, where there weren’t tomatoes, just people who were made out of tomatoes.

The world’s foremost Tomatologist is eventually captured by the evil professor because the only good Tomatologist is a dead Tomatologist. The professor has plans to dominate the world, as always, through the use of his specially enhanced produce. He takes the captured scientist and puts her in a BLH (bacon, lettuce, human). The movie, like the others, has a total lack of gravitas, as it should in relation to the others in the franchise. I will say that the tomatoes were menacing enough that a serious version could have made for a nice change. I know, I mentioned my desire for a serious movie about killer fruit/vegetables in my last review also. I just really want to see it be done.

KTSB won’t be confused for anything other than crap, but there are some homages to other horror flicks (Jaws, Psycho, Omen, Friday the 13th) that make for a fun watch.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1991

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