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Furry space creatures with razor sharp teeth (aka Critters) steal a ship with enough gas to go around the galaxy ten times over. Bounty hunters with morphing powers are called in to track the creatures down and are given one piece of foreboding advice, “catch them before they can eat.” And so begins the first installment of the campy classic, Critters.

The critters choose, out of the entire galaxy, to eat their way through a small Midwestern town; starting their feast by devouring a hapless cop and Billy Zane. The bounty hunters show up and one of them morphs into an 80′s hair metal rock star, the other has an identity problem and can never quite decide what to be, which leads to interesting and often comedic morphs. Now the fun begins.

The Critters are vicious little bastards with insatiable appetites. They also have the ability to shoot porcupine-like quills from their fur that incapacitate victims. Yes, these are not cute little play toys. The movie follows a predictable plot path, think Terminator meets The Muppets, but remains entertaining enough throughout to hold your attention.

The creature effects are quite good and the Critters themselves are actually scary, unlike gremlins that just look goofy. The town drunk and resident UFO expert does a great job in his role, the rest of the actors outside of the Sherriff, not so much. They aren’t bad by any means, just not given much to work with.

The Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1986

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