Critters 2: The Main Course

March 23, 2010 9:23 am 0 comments

Bradley: Nana, the Critters are here.
Nana: No shit Bradley!

Yes Bradley, the Critters are back and more importantly, the sequel is better than the original. Technically, it is a sequel though they used a near identical plot as the first film. In a way it reminded me of how Evil Dead II was essentially the same plot as the original Evil Dead.

The bounty hunters are off fighting the good fight when they are recalled to Earth to protect Grover’s Bend once again. Their reward/punishment for an improper job done the first time around is getting a second crack at eliminating the Critters in the same Midwestern town. Bradley is back visiting his Nana (he survived the original attack and his family has since moved) when wouldn’t you know it, a box of Critter eggs hatch.

Like I mentioned, this is essentially the same film as the original but with better creature effects (Go Chiodo Brothers!). There are a couple particularly excellent scenes I must mention though. First, the morphing bounty hunter decides to change into a Playboy Playmate (the only film in the series with a boob shot). This was a genius idea! Second, the man-dressed-as-a-bunny-massacre is one of my all-time fave death scenes. There is another notable scene which is clearly a direct rip-off of the food fight from Gremlins where the “man-eating dust mops” go crazy in a burger joint. I could have done without this personally.

The town drunk from the first film also appears as he was recruited by the bounty hunters and is now part of their team. Though the Sherriff from the first film is gone (M. Emmett Walsh) and oddly enough recast. Why not change his name and say the first Sherriff quit? I enjoy blatant stupidity a little but things like that just don’t make sense. You know what else doesn’t make sense? Chewbacca.

If you remember the trailer for this one was all about the giant ball of Critters. I personally love the idea of a giant razor-toothed fur ball on a maniacal eating rampage devouring yokels in small town America. Too bad the ball of fury was only in the movie long enough to enjoy an open country road for a few minutes and then explode. So much left on the plate with that idea.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1988

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