Critters 4

March 25, 2010 9:54 am 0 comments

If you aren’t sick of Critters yet you are in luck. The fourth installment goes to the great elephant graveyard in the sky. Space. When a franchise goes into space is about the time I quit watching. Basically, this means the writers have given up and decided to try and cash in one more time to milk enough dough out of their beloved franchise to buy a retirement home in Costa Rica.

In the case of Critters, though, since the varmints originate from space this seems a likely path.

The film starts by re-shooting the last scene of Critters 3. Um…okay. Anyhow, Charlie (bounty hunter/idiot) gets locked in an escape pod with the last two remaining Critter eggs in the universe. The pod shoots into space and 53 years later is discovered by a salvage ship.

The crew of the salvage ship (Angela Bassett included) reports the discovery of the pod to The Council and end up on an abandoned space station awaiting arrival of Council members. This isn’t an ordinary space station though. There is a HAL-like computer that only takes orders when given the opposite instructions. You can’t make this crap up. And the space station is about to blow up within a few weeks. Seems like a logical place to spend some time, that is, if you are trying to commit suicide.

Predictably a crew member opens the pod and lets Charlie and the two critters out. The critters begin to wreak havoc on the ship almost immediately.

Where the film falls short is quite simple. Not enough critters to keep a person entertained. We were teased in Critters 3 with the giant critter ball of death. Nothing similar can be said during number four. This is Critters lite, just two critters for 90 minutes. I need more deaths, more critters, and more explosions in my movies about small fury objects full of piercing teeth.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ

IMDB 1992

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