Flesh for Frankenstein 3D

Flesh for Frankenstein is a helluva bizarre film.

The movie pretty much has it all and then some. And by some, I mean a lot of some. Incredible amounts of gore, blood, sex, necrophilia, and incest permeate the 3D backdrop of this Andy Warhol produced film. This is most certainly not your grandfather’s Frankenstein flick.

Baron Frankenstein (Udo Kier) has a grand idea. Bring Serbia back to its rightful place as supreme rulers of the universe by creating monsters and getting them to have sex, which will lead to the creation of a super race of Serbian monsters. I can only imagine the idea for this movie was thought up after the partaking of many illegal substances.

After creating the perfect monster bride, the Baron sets off to find the perfect man to be Mr. Frankenstein. Unfortunately, due to a comical situation, the man they choose, and by choose I mean cut the head off of, is essentially a gay man. The Baron fuses the head of the gay man onto the perfect man monster body. He’s ready to flip the switch and bring his creations to life. But not just yet.

Meanwhile, the Baron’s wife is trying to fill her insatiable desire for sex with a common servant who is made out of testosterone. The Baron, well, he participates in a little necro with his monster chick, who is yet to be re-animated. I told you this is a bizarre film.

The Baron finally zaps his creations to life, and to the surprise of no one it works wonderfully. The Baron declares the final test will be getting them to make sweet zombie love. Now the fun can begin. Queue more necrophilia, guts flying at the screen, sex, monsters, sex, and livers.

Did I mention this movie received an ‘X’ rating in the U.S.? And I am pretty sure it would still garner at least and NC-17 if released today. You just don’t see this kind of film being made today. It’s similar to what John Water’s was doing around this same time, but with a bigger budget and a tiny bit less trashy.

The acting is gratuitous and raw, wait, that is the sex. The acting is campy, fun, odd, and not necessarily good. The film is however shot rather well. I wouldn’t classify this as a good or a bad film. Just a film that hardcore horror fans should watch ONCE so they can say they saw it.

“If you want to know death, you must f__k a gallbladder” – Baron Frankenstein’s enlightening advice for the human race.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1973

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