House of Wax 3D

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Don’t mess with gentle, caring, yet slightly off-balance sculpting artists. You may cause one of them to snap and begin murdering everyone in sight. House of Wax relates the story of one of those cases.

House of Wax stars Vincent Price in a role that cemented him as a horror icon and is presented in glorious three dimensions. I have to admit, I wasn’t thinking this film would be much to watch. I was wrong. This movie is excellent, and the 3D was better than a lot of movies made recently (I’m looking at you My Bloody Valensuck).

Vincent is a wax sculptor back when that was a cool thing to be (1900′s). He was one of the best in the world at his craft. His museum was full of culturally important wax figures such as Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, and John Wilkes Booth. Unfortunately, no one wanted to see them. People weren’t down with historical wax. They craved debauched scenes of grisly death and crimes, a chamber of horrors to be exact.

Vincent’s business partner realized this and decides to burn down the wax museum in order to cash in on the insurance money. As opposed to waiting when Vincent isn’t around and setting the place on fire, he does it with Vincent there. This leads to a rather comical fight. As the business partner escapes he believes Vincent to be trapped inside, sure to die along with his precious wax figures. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

About a year later Vincent tracks down his old partner with bloody revenge on his mind. He dispatches of his old associate and disguises it as suicide by hanging. He then systematically begins killing those associated with his old partner. The fun part of all of this is Vincent is planning on opening a new wax museum. I wonder where he could get some bodies for this museum? You see, his hands are messed up and he can’t sculpt anymore.

Yes. Vincent is using real bodies and covering them in wax! He opens his chamber of horrors to much ruckus and ballyhoo. The crowds got what they wanted, gory disgusting scenes of the macabre. Vincent even promises the crowd that he will be updating his collection with scenes from crimes that have yet to be committed. Hint-hint, wink-wink.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish. The huckster with the paddle-ball is one of my favorite 3D moments of all time (put your 3D glasses on before clicking).

Also, if you got to this page by searching for the remake from a couple years ago with Paris Hilton, fire yourself for being a douchebag with no taste.

IMDB 1953

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