April Fool’s Day

In the annals of great VHS box cover art, April Fool’s Day is a cut above the rest so to speak. As a kid I probably saw the cover a million times and wished my mom would rent it. If she had rented the movie I would have been left with no choice. I can see my 9 year-old self sneaking into the living room after midnight, on a school night, turning this flick on, and watching with the volume barely audible. She didn’t rent this one, but she did rent many others so that scenario took place quite a few times. Bless my Mom for being into horror movies. She made me the way I am.

First off, you know movies that have crappy endings? This isn’t one of them.

The film starts out with a cheerful gal being interviewed. She lets us know that she is starting convent school and fucks on the first date. Guys like her. I like her. Jesus probably doesn’t. The girl and her friends are about to take a ferry to a little island that will ensure they become isolated with no escape from the impending doom that waits.

The dialogue is much less stupid than say a Jason movie and the cast does a great job in their roles as the various horror stereotypes. The host of the party, Muffy, is a delight in a Vincent Price-esque role to a group of doomed people.

There is plenty of gore but alas, most of it is done off screen. A dick gets chopped off, decapitations galore and some other “fun” deaths occur. Showing these deaths on screen would have added much to the long-term cult status of the film. I expected more out of a slasher film. Then again, this movie plays out more like a who-dunnit disguised as a slasher flick.

April Fool’s Day absolutely excels in the twist department. I have watched the film before and the twist still got me upon viewing today. That is how good it is. That and I forgot about the twist. Screw the Sixth Sense, this is where it’s at. Obviously, the less you know the more powerful the film is. So, if you still haven’t seen it just plop down and watch – no google or Wiki. It’s better that way.

If you haven’t seen this film, do yourself a favor and watch it TODAY! And if you want to play an April Fool’s Day joke on yourself, go ahead and watch the remake. I dare ya.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1986

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