Bride of Re-Animator

April 4, 2010 6:41 pm 0 comments

The follow up to Re-Animator was a pretty big letdown. It’s not that it isn’t bloody, it is. It’s not that it doesn’t have a lot of the same characters, it does. It’s simply that the heart and soul from the first film are missing. Brian Yuzna who produced the first Re-Animator, essentially directs the same movie again, but with less gusto.

The whole film can be summed up succinctly. Dr. West tries to convince Dr. Cain into doing something crazy. Cain initially is unsure for about a second, then immediately agrees. Repeat this about 5 times with escalating foolishness and you have Bride of Re-Animator.

West and Cain are back working in Miskatonic hospital after a brief volunteer trip to Peru. West is stealing body parts from the morgue and adjacent cemetery to continue his studies. He is now able to re-animate individual parts.

West eventually runs across a couple interesting items. One is the head of John Kerry, and the other is the heart of Cain’s fiancée, both from the first film. West talks Cain into creating a new fiancée out of the old one’s heart and a bunch of mish-mashed pieces of people. John Kerry is re-animated when another Dr. finds a vile of the famous re-animating anti-freeze.

There is also a cop out for revenge, angry at West and Cain because his wife became a zombie. And a hot Italian lady, whom Cain and West met in Peru, that is now Cain’s girlfriend.

Combs (Dr. West) is brilliant, I can now see why he is such a popular cult icon. He has a knack for playing a one-track mind psycho doctor. The others in the film, including Abbot (Dr. Cain) hold their own.

What’s lost, as I mentioned earlier, was the heart of the film. Nothing in Bride caught me off guard or was unexpected. I felt like I knew exactly where the film was going from the start. The original had me laughing and disgusted at the same time throughout most of the flick, this one, only in small doses. Yuzna should have gone, bigger, bolder and bloodier if he wanted the sequel to live up to the lofty expectations the original set.

All in all, still a fun watch, but unlike the original, just one viewing is enough.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1990

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