Castle Freak

Stuart Gordon + Full Moon + Lovecraft = horror fans delight. Castle Freak is one of those rare horror films made in the 90′s that doesn’t suck. And who doesn’t appreciate movies telling you exactly what they are about in the title? No guessing here, you know what you are going to get. This is a movie about a castle and a freak.

The movie centers on Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), his wife Susan, their deaf daughter Rebecca, and a horribly disfigured freak. Combs and family inherit a 12th century Italian castle and promptly travel there to inspect their new pad.

After settling in and meeting the creepy maid, the family begins to experience odd occurrences around the house. They believe someone is lurking around the castle. The family asks for help in searching the castle, but Italian cops are too busy eating gelato to bother helping the Americans.

The family itself has seen better days. In the recent past, Comb’s crashed the family car while driving drunk, killing their 6 year old son and blinding their daughter. The lasting impact has turned the marriage into a sham. How about that for depth?

Combs eventually picks up a hooker and brings her back to the castle for a quick shag. Unfortunately, after the shag the hooker is captured by the freak and eventually abused and brutally killed. The Italian cops, now finished with their gelatos, start asking questions about the missing hooker shortly thereafter.

Violent, hungry, hideous and loose, the freak eventually goes on a killing rampage. The odd thing about this movie is it’s designed to make the viewer actually feel sorry for the monster. While he is snapping heads and biting nipples, I had a hard time rooting against him.

The whole movie takes place in an actual castle, vastly helping the scenery. I could imagine a studio trying to pretend a tract house in the San Fernando Valley was a 12th century castle. In fact, I think that’s been done several times.

Castle Freak plays like a throwback to the great horror flicks of the 80′s: ripe with gore, prostitution, violence, and freaks.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1995

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