The Thing Prequel Update

April 7, 2010 1:52 pm 0 comments

You have to giant elephant-sized balls or a complete lack of sense to remake one of the best horror movies of all time. You could also be a greedy bastard looking to cash in on a franchise. Or maybe all of the above. I am speaking about The Thing of course. If you haven’t already heard, a prequel is currently in production.

At least it is a prequel and not a sequel, right? I guess this was to be expected since The Thing (1981) is actually a remake of The Thing from Another World (1951). This version will follow suit in a curious trend - a retelling of the story about every 30 years (1951, 1981, 2010-ish).

Unfortunately, reports are in and the use of CGI has been confirmed. How this will play out is to be determined – let’s just hope for the sanctity of the first two films involving this subject matter that this doesn’t turn into a SyFy movie of the week laden with crappy effects.

First pic of snow base -Image courtesy of /film

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