Week 5 Schedule

28 Reviews down – just a few hundred more to go.

One lesser Gordon pick to start the week off and then a grab bag of films featuring some random crap to a Cronenberg classic.

  • Stuck
  • Mega Piranha – Almost forgot this is released on 4/10/10
  • Cat People (1982)
  • Scanners
  • Werewolf (1996)
  • It’s Alive (2008)
  • Innocent Blood
  • Die Monster Die!

*Updated to make some minor date enhancements and add the Mega Piranha premier.

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  • http://365horror.co.uk Geoff

    Good mixed bag this week. Is that the Val Lewton CatPeople or the remake? Both fine in my opinion. Werewolf the TV movie? Interesting. Good Baker effects as I remember.
    I too have Stuck on my list. It’ll be posted on Sunday. Be interesting to see what you made of it.

  • http://micah1003.wordpress.com Micah

    Cat People is the remake. I’ll probably do the Val Lewton version later on.
    Werewolf is the one featuring Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen’s bro) from ’96. It’s an incredibly bad affair.
    I’m watching Stuck right now, one thing is for sure – it’s odd.

  • http://micah1003.wordpress.com Micah

    Almost forgot about Mega Piranha TV premiere.