Stuck in a room and forced to watch this movie was my fate today. This descent into the ridiculous reminds me of an important issue facing the world – Stupid Bitch Syndrome.

SBS is can most commonly be associated with acts of incredible stupidity, irrational behavior, and self-absorption on level previously unknown to humankind until just recently. This behavior is not gender or race specific, though women tend to dominate proven cases.

Stuck brings a severe case of SBS to the forefront. Stuart Gordon is at the helm and once again tries to insert his brand of humor into a dark thriller that unfortunately has no room for comicality. Gordon is like a caged lion. Let the man direct something where he can go splatter happy.

Mena Suvari, who is famous for wearing rose petals in American Beauty, stars as a nurse’s aide who lacks any sort of ethical or moral values, outside of work that is. At work, she is up for a promotion; she just needs to keep her boss happy and spray down an old man who regularly craps himself.

Conversely, Stephen Rea plays a man down on his luck, seemingly stuck in one dead end after another. He loses his job, gets evicted, and is forced to live on the streets. Though, Rea only lives on the streets for a few hours before being mowed down by a drunken Mena.

With the poor bloke literally stuck in her windshield, she decides to go home for the night, park her car in the garage and sex up her sleazy boyfriend. In the morning, realizing the man is still alive, and still stuck, she smacks him with a board until he passes out and then goes to work. She’s a real sweetie.

Oh, and I know what you are thinking. And you are right. This is a perfectly logical thing to do if you are Hitler.

Rea’s bad days continue, eventually a dog tries to eat the meat around the protruding and very broken bone in his leg. Then he almost gets help, but alas, the people that see the bloody mess of a man in a windshield are illegal aliens, so they decided against bringing the cops into their hood.

There is plenty of gore, bone breaking, and oozing fluids to keep genre fans happy, including an excellent scene of ocular violence. If you are a fan of Gordon you will immediately recognize his influence.

Unfortunately, the film fails miserably in trying to create suspense. Instead Stuck gives the viewer a glimpses of what could have been a taught thriller and then pulls the cord to reveal a circus of travesty. A veritable cornucopia of Stupid Bitch Syndrome.

Gordon should stick to Lovecraftian horror.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 2007

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  • Geoff

    The great thing about films is how they can be viewed by different people and have very different reactions. You’ll see my thoughts on Stuck over at 365horror tomorrow am:)

  • Micah

    I’ll check it out for sure. My friend that watched with me thought it was tolerable but I couldn’t stand it.