It’s Alive (2008)

April 14, 2010 3:36 pm 0 comments

I love the original It’s Alive and so upon finding out that Larry Cohen (writer/director of the original) was producing a remake, I was obviously excited. I figure it is okay to remake your own movie.

I was hoping for a bad ass killer baby movie ripe with chills and unique death scenes. And while the film tried to deliver, the budget limitations turned It’s Alive into a bad afterbirth of a film.

Let’s start out with a simple fact: Bulgaria looks nothing like New Mexico. Suspending belief is at least partly a job for the viewer, but when the house in “New Mexico” has a dark ominous forest in the backyard, the process becomes more difficult.

The opening scene with the doctors had a lot of potential. The baby is born and immediately kills a room full of doctors. Once again, possibly due to budget limitations we see nothing but the gruesome end result (this happens every time the baby kills). This is unfortunate because had the filmmakers been able to show the killer baby scenes it would have made up for the other flaws in the film and made for a more enjoyable viewing experience. It is the kind of thing horror fans would be talking about, “Hey man, did you see that baby go ape on that doctor? Totally brutal man, you gotta watch it!”

As for the acting, there are some odd accents from the Brits in the flick. Bijou Phillips does okay but her characters lack of depth doesn’t due her any justice. As for the husband, I’m not sure he even knew what movie he was in. He just kinda floats along and does nothing of interest for about 90 minutes.

I would only recommend this movie to those wanting to complete the franchise and to others who enjoy absurdly bad horror movies like myself.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 2008

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