Dr. Blood’s Coffin

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Yeah, we dare you!

After Dr. Blood is kicked out of a prestigious medical school in Vienna for conducting experiments of the improper kind, he returns to his childhood home. Blood’s father is the town physician in a small village in the UK and welcomes his son home with open arms. Of course, Blood isn’t back just to visit dear old dad, he has other more sinister ideas up his sleeve.

This movie follows the traditional mad doctor plot, but with a little more gusto than a lot of similar films.

Yeah, we dare you!

The village and the cop are focused on figuring out what is happening to their citizens. They enlist the help of the town doctor and of course his newly returned son. I mean doctors can’t be evil so it must be a lunatic killing off everyone. In a fortunate turn of events, the cops are planning a search of some old tunnels that they believe the kidnapper is hiding his victims and they recruit Dr. Blood to lead the expedition. In a scene that works very well, Blood leads all the other gents down different paths while he explores the path that actually contains his shanty lab full of victims.

The film plays heavily on the trust factor between the town and doctor to great effect. The experiments themselves are not unlike anything seen before. He performs organ transplants and uses various drugs he has invented to test his theories, which pretty much never work. Makes one wonder how smart the doctor really was.

The conclusion adds the final piece of the morality puzzle this film preaches. Dr. Blood eventually brings back a corpse from the dead with gruesome results.

A nifty little entry into the “Frankenstein/Mad-Doctor-trying-to-play-God-and-getting-what-he-deserves-film-genre”.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMBD 1961

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