The Dunwich Horror

H.P. Lovercraft stories never seem to get the proper attention in remakes, and this tale is no exception.

Dean Stockwell (Sam from Quantum Leap) plays the odd Wilbur Whately, a man out to borrow the book of the dead aka the Necromonicon from the local university library. Sandra Dee, playing the virginal Nancy Baxter who is bait for the rituals that Wilbur needs to perform to bring the “Old Ones” back to this dimension.

Rather slow and without any true scares the movie plops along until a conclusion that is most unusual, and not in a good way. There are

I need Ziggy to get me out of this movie!

a few scenes that are truly laughable. Particularly, when the monster is on screen the director chose to try to induce seizures by flashing bright colors rapidly instead of anything remotely useful to his viewing public. During another occasion Nancy begins asking questions about the location of her best friend that just went missing upstairs where the monster lives, and then within about two seconds she completely forgets about said friend.

If you can get past the slow pacing, bad special effects, and lack of plot checks the film does have some interesting moments. The opening credits don’t suck and are kinda fun, the atmosphere is eerie and the plot, even with holes you could drive semis through, is still fairly entertaining.

The Dunwich Horror is Rosemary’s Baby mixed in with a few drops of Lovecraft minus a good script plus Roger Corman.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1970

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