The House Where Evil Dwells

If you are like me and are fond of movies that feature mechanical tree-climbing crabs of death then you will enjoy this campy flick. Otherwise, this film is an utter mess in almost every possible manner.

An American couple and their daughter move to Japan on a whim and end up getting a steal on a rental. But there is a catch? Sound familiar? The house is haunted by a samurai, his wife and her lover.

From top to bottom this movie is cheese. The actors are not particularly believable, especially during scenes when they are possessed by the ghosts haunting the house.

In one of the oddest scenes in film history the dad forces, and by forces I mean pours soup all over his daughter’s face while being possessed. This would be odd enough, right? Not even close. A few seconds earlier the daughter asked what kind of soup she was eating presumably because a human face was in her bowl. The daughter complains, “There is an awful face in my soup.” The parents ignore this complaint and tell her to eat up. When she doesn’t, the soup is then promptly poured all over her face by her dad.

The ghosts do really odd things that make this movie even more laughable. For example, we don’t know why they are mad and decide to haunt people, nor why they must open and close doors to get around. I thought a highlight of being a ghost was the ability to forego doors.

Eventually, an exorcism is performed but that doesn’t take because of some stupidity. Just make sure to stick around for the final fight scene which is hilariously bad.

This flick has guilty (terrible) pleasure written all over it.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1982

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