Screaming Skull

April 26, 2010 9:25 am 0 comments

I love a film that has the audacity to make crazy insane claims about the content. This film takes that notion and ratchets it up a few notches by offering free burial services to anyone that dies of fright while viewing. Fortunately for me, I survived my viewing long enough to write this.

After the overconfident introduction, the film settles into mediocrity ensuring that the only memorable moment are the gaudy introduction claims.

A man and his new wife move back into his country estate. The man explains his first wife died after slipping, cracking her head open and falling into a lily pond. Immediately, you get the vibe that maybe wife number one’s death wasn’t an accident. This foreshadowing essentially takes all the suspense out of the movie.
The actors are terrible, the special effects are flat-out stupid, and the direction is abysmal. To be perfectly honest, only the music works well.

What little suspense the movie holds comes mostly from the atmospheric setting and unnerving situations the new wife is forced to deal with. One particularly effective scene involving a loud rapping on the door constructs suspense nicely but then turns ridiculous when a skull is thrown by someone off camera at the actress.

The ‘scary’ scenes begin to mount up for the new wife and it becomes clear the husband is behind all the hijinks. He is slowly making his new wife go bonkers. Why? The dude is a nutjob. I admire all the effort he puts into making her go crazy; it takes a special kind of person to go to such links.

The climax is as predictable as the Catholic Church protecting pedophiles. It’s sad because the plot has such great potential. Too bad it was ruined by the direction, script, and myriad of other problems.

At the end of the day this movie begs the question: Why do screaming skulls sound like peacocks?

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1958

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