Evil Eyes

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Honestly, I was hoping for a movie about a villain who is able to shoot glances at the heavies bringing him down with deadly repercussions. I actually wish this for about almost all the movies I watch though.

However, Evil Eyes is not my much dreamed about film. Produced by The Asylum (one of my favorite studios) comes a little ditty of a film that meets their strict standards of entertainment.

  • Hire a semi-famous person, one that used to be badass or is an aging badass.
    • Udo Kier (Flesh for¬†Frankenstein, End of Days) is that person here.
  • Take a popular movie or theme and modify it slightly, in hopes that the famous movie it is based on will inspire audiences to reach out and watch their movie, or at the least, inspire drinking games.
    • I would think In the Mouth of Madness would be the closest film to this, mixed with a definite Stephen King vibe. Note: Recently, The Asylum is creating movies that release near real time with their more expensive counter-parts.
  • Do all of this on a budget shoe-string budget.

The screenplay here is the weak link. While it has tons of potential, a lot of it seems trite, especially near the beginning. Once you get past that, I recommend making a drink that involves turning on your blender for the first ten minutes of the movie, the film picks up and does okay.

A down on his luck writer gets offered a job by the badass Udo Kier. He is tasked with writing a screenplay about a serial killer from several years back. The writer (Adam Baldwin) begins his descent into madness when strange occurrences befell his research into the crimes.

He eventually becomes convinced that the words he is writing are coming true, with good reason. At the exact moment he is writing scenes of the morbid and grisly, those same scenarios are playing out for real. If only he would have gained some acting talent during his meltdown.

I recommend this to fans of films that involve writers going crazy. While not one of the best of its kind, it is certainly one of them, which is all The Asylum set out to make in the first place.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 2004

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