Die Monster Die!

Uses magical powers of wheelchair to be almost everywhere all the time

A young man from the States travels to a remote village in England to meet up with his fiancée he met while they studied together in college. Arriving in the small village he is met by a bunch of rude locals that in no way, shape or form will help him locate her place. It’s quite comical how rude these people are.

Eventually, after about 6 minutes of on-screen walking the American arrives at the Witley estate. Walking is the theme of this movie, as the young man spends most of the movie just wondering around. It’s like an 80 minute advertisement for Walkers-R-Us.

He is met by Boris Karloff, who plays a mad scientist/Dad of fiancée who is also none too happy to see the young man. Karloff, like the others in town, tries to shoe the American off, but just in the nick of time his beautiful fiancée pops out and greets him with open arms.

The fiancée introduces the American to her mother who, in a most foreboding manner, explains the young man that he needs to take her daughter and run from the house. There is strange goings on and people have gone missing recently. I’ll tell you what’s strange, the whole plot of this movie. If I was this guy I would turn and run from the whole damn family and country. He of course does not leave.

The premise works fairly well and is combined with a nice gothic atmosphere adding to the sense of impending doom.

Karloff is experimenting with some sort of radiation and amongst other sinister deeds has turned his wife into some sort of mutated monster. A crashed meteorite from space is making plants grow to lengths that Miracle-Gro only wishes it could achieve. And the young couple is investigating a series of odd coincidences in hopes of unraveling the mystery of the old mansion instead of leaving like they should.

The movie is simply not captivating enough to warrant liking. It has all the right elements including Karloff, the gothic mansion, and mutants to be good but there isn’t any firepower or moments in the film that are worthy of remembering.

Forgettable film with an unforgettable actor.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1965

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