This film expects you to have some basic common knowledge prior to viewing.

  • For starters, Nostradamus was the world’s foremost Demonologist and that his tomb contains an evil mask that unleashes demons.
  • There is no word for plot or character development in the Italian language. There are however, 73 different words for gore.
  • Cheesy 80′s music makes everything cool.

All of this adds up to a splatter-fest of epic proportions.

Lamberto Bava directs, Dario Argento presents and the Italians score big with an insane story in the vein of the ever popular “Night of the Living Dead knock off film genre.”

A bunch of random people are invited to a movie theater by a guy with half a face handing out flyers on the street. They all show up because let’s face it, nothing cool was happening in the 80′s. They do some coke, make out, and watch a film. The film is the *true* story of Nostradamus and perfectly coincides with the events that take place in the theater. The same evil mask found in the film was in the lobby earlier, causing a scratch on a hooker’s face.

The hooker eventually turns into a festering demon and begins to kill the people in the theater. More and more demons pop up and eventually we are left with a core group of random people running around trying to escape death by demons.

The theater was magically walled up so escape was essentially futile. That is, until a helicopter shows up just in time to crash into the theater. This opens a hole in the roof helping the victims. Or does it?

The blood and gore in this film is on par with Brain Dead and some of the other all-time gross out films. The reason this film is so famous is most certainly not because of the acting or script. It is simply the sheer excessive amount of disgusting images.

The film works because of the gore and the gore alone – had a plot or continuity checks been thrown in there wouldn’t have been room for as much bloodletting. And this just wouldn’t do.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1985

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