Demons 2

Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento are back again to make another incoherent Italian splatter-fest. This time around they have applied their original script to a higher concept– an apartment building.

A high-rise apartment building is attacked by a plague of demons resulting in extremely gruesome depictions of death, blood, gore, blood, and various fluids.

This particular apartment building is resident to nearly every 80′s stereotype imaginable: Body-builders, bad hair, leotards, and stupid people.

What’s worse, and this is the true tragedy, is the apartment building only gets one channel on television. This channel happens to be showing a movie about Demons (very similar to the original film). The demons on television manage to jump the gap from the airwaves into the living rooms.

And thus begins the heartwarming adventure of a band of apartment dwellers vs. demons from the small screen.

This time instead of simply ripping off Dawn of the Dead, they added in Shivers and amped up the gore. I am actually surprised this isn’t called Shivers 2: Return of the Dawn. Other additions include a baby demon, dog demon, and demons that are exceptional at performing acrobatics.

No acting, no plot, no story – just more gore baby!

I’ve heard of people trying to make sense of this film, which is like trying to critique the crayon drawings of a 3 year old. It’s just plain senseless.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1986

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