A Hazing in Hell aka Pledge Night

I think I can speak for us all and say that it was a travesty that this film didn’t win an Oscar.

In the hippie era, a young frat boy (Anthrax lead singer) is killed during a hazing gone wrong. Fast forward 20 years, a fraternity is preparing for ‘hell week’ with their new recruits in what coincidentally happens to be the same frat house as the aforementioned accident.

The first half hour of the films plays out like the writer was trying to re-live his time in a frat. A member of the frat is selected, unknowingly to the recruits, to be ‘the bad man’ and treat the pledges like the dirt they are. The ‘bad man’ and the rest of the brothers put the pledges through a series of humiliating initiations involving: eating butt cherries, cod liver milkshakes, paddle spankings, and a host of latent homosexual inducing activities. They also throw in a bunch of random ‘facts’ about how cool it is to be in a frat, such as almost everyone who has ever done anything with their life was in a frat.

Around this point I was beginning to wonder if I was just watching an advertisement for college fraternities. Then out of left field, and I mean way out of left field, the ‘bad man’ starts killing people for REAL. Then the Anthrax dude from the beginning of the film explodes out of the stomach of the ‘bad man’ to show his true self. Shit just got weird.

Acid Sid (Anthrax guy) seeks revenge on all those involved in the frat. This includes the poor pledges who are really having a bad night. Acid Sid looks silly but manages to kill with flair, including lighting an exploding cherry bomb in a guy’s butt, using an electronic mixer down the throat, and my personal favorite, using his spine/intestine┬áto choke a dude to death.

Yes, he uses his own internal body parts to choke a dude. And that my friend is buzzworthy.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1988

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