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Despite some rather glaring flaws, Berserker has an excellent back story that makes for an appealing start to the film.

Berserkers were crazed Viking men that wore bear skin robes and head gear and were deployed as the first wave of attack in battles. These warriors were incredibly fierce and brought much fear into the heart into their enemies. In fact, outside of battle scenarios berserkers had to be caged up due to their ferocity. Essentially, they were some of the most badass killing machines in history. The preceding is mostly true and sets the backdrop for Berserker.

Teenagers set off for a week of camping a few hours away from the city. They happen to be going to a place that was settled by the Vikings (which was Utah in case you were wondering) a few centuries ago, or in other words, “camp of almost certain death.”

The cast of characters include a tough guy, some girls, a nice guy, a cop, a real bear, and the cop’s cousin. The best actor by a mile was the bear, who did a magnificent job of standing up and growling in random cut shots.

Instead of capturing the awesomeness of the intro story about berserkers, the filmmakers decided to get the most out of the bear rental. So to great disappointment, the bear is the killer. Or is it? Either way, the deaths are laughable, it looks more like the bear is wiping blood on his victims rather than slashing them to pieces.

And then there is the fact that not nearly enough of the teenagers actually get killed. It’s hard to categorize this film as a slasher film when the death toll is lower is lower than the weekend haul at a retirement home.

A great many scenes are poorly lit making the middle portion of the film really drag. By the time the berserker finally makes an appearance no one could possibly care. Waiting to see him is worth it though, if only to laugh at his ridiculous costume.

A great premise but an overall letdown.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1987

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