Cellar Dweller

May 8, 2010 4:37 pm 0 comments

Well before ever seeing this film I saw a Tales from the Crypt episode that was similar in plot. This one follows the ole “artist draws a monster and it comes to life and kills everyone” formula. And it does this pretty well.

A young girl is invited to an artist’s retreat. This retreat is one of those places that only the 80′s can provide – chock full of campy characters pretending to be important artists in a variety of subjects. The young girl is a bit of an outcast because she draws comics and is obsessed with her hero (Jeffrey Combs) who died in the house some 30 years back.

She is warned repeatedly not go to in basement but ultimately decides that is exactly where she should be since this is a horror movie after all. Our young artist promptly brings the monster back to life.

With everything all setup the movie plunges into dirty little details of offing people in various ways. Unlike a lot of 80′s films, the storytelling is rather well done and makes the film feel better than it probably should.

The monster is pretty cool and gets plenty of camera time though the deaths are not overtly gory like one might expect since Dr. Herbert West was involved with the film. Some of the deaths are not shown but rather displayed in comic book form which was certainly different.

The monster initially must follow criteria in order to kill. The young artist draws the beast killing her rivals and then it happens. Somewhere along the way, the monster starts killing on its own – yes, this would be a plot hole big enough to drive a gaggle of semis thru. This plot holes continues right until the confusing end to the film.

If you can find this film (only on VHS) it’s definitely worth a shot. And hopefully if enough people watch it and talk about it a DVD release will follow.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1988

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