Hell Night

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The early 80′s produced a ton of big name slasher flicks which caused little gems like this one to get lost in the wake of the big dogs.

As part of a fraternity initiation, Linda Blair (Exorcist) and three others have to spend the night in a creepy old mansion where a deformed psycho may or may not live. While that idea certainly doesn’t break any new ground the storytelling and execution is well done.

One key difference from similar films is the young coed’s choice of dress. Instead of decidedly bad 80′s clothing that would be instantly dated the characters are wearing period costumes from the 1920′s. This may seem minor but it’s not. It is genius. This ploy ensures the film has staying power and differentiates it from the others like it.

Blair does a nice job in her role as the cute college girl sans head spinning and vomiting. All the actors are committed to their roles and the director keeps the pace moving along properly.

The mansion has creepy pathways and underground tunnels which add significantly to the suspense. And during some moments, Hell Night is quite scary even by today’s standards. If you like jumpy scenes you will love this movie.

The clich├ęs are ever present, if you have ever seen a slasher flick you know instantly who is going to survive. The teens that like to do it, do it are killed. The killer is exactly what you expect him to be. There is nothing new on that front.

Just a fun underrated flick that makes for a nice change of pace from watching the more popular flicks from this era.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1981

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