Savage Weekend

May 17, 2010 2:18 pm 0 comments

Alright, this movie is essentially a perfect example of a 70′s sleazy trash. It is a little slow going in the beginning but there is plenty of sex to keep fans of these types of film interested until the killings begin in earnest. And that is all you can hope for from Drive-In flicks.

Two couples go on vacation to watch a boat they have ordered be built. That is certainly a unique enough plot point. The killer wears a rubber Halloween mask, stalks his victims, and uses the business end of a variety of disturbingly effective farm tools.

While the beginning is very slow the actors make a few good jokes and tell some interest stories that foreshadow the events to come. And there is an openly gay character which allows for some serious overacting, which if you think about it was the norm for gay characters back then. They all had to be crazy stereotypes.

I squirmed like a little girl early on in the film when one of the characters gets a fish hook stuck in his foot. It was so damn real and agonizingly slow. Other than that it is slow as no one dies until about an hour into the film, but don’t worry most of the time prior is filled up with gratuitous nudity and sex.

Once the murders get going the film really takes off. The killer makes good use of his surroundings and clearly planned out quite a few of the deaths in advance. The girl tied to a saw is sure to make you writhe in your seat. And the chainsaw vs. machete idea is nearly priceless.

A nice little gem of a sleaze film that doesn’t fall into the typical trappings of era, in fact, was made before some of the more famous films that are given credit for inventing the slasher.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1979

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