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This little gem was brought to the world by Empire studios, which is better known as Full Moon. If you know much about Full Moon you immediately know what you are in for – a horror cheese sandwich.

They produce purposely cheesy horror that has a certain je ne sais quoi, making their films fun and memorable experiences. And TerrorVision is no different.

After installing a super cheap satellite dish the Putterman family unknowingly opens a portal to allow a space garbage monster to morph its way into their home. The parents are be wannabe swingers (they’re so money) and are preparing to have a couple over for some sexy time. The daughter, her boyfriend, son, and their grandpa also decide to hang around, it’s a good thing the Putterman’s have a huge house.

The family members all play caricatures of stereotypes from the era: the daughter looks like Tiffany, her boyfriend could double for Axel Rose, mom and dad look like parents from the 80′s, and grandpa is a gun-toting crazy man who eats lizard’s tails.

The 10 year-old son (machine gun addict), suffers from “why-won’t-they-listen-to-me” disease. He repeatedly attempts to alert his family about the monster until it is way too late.

The monster looks more like a blob with lots of gooey parts than a traditional monster, which is fine with me.

After dining on a few humans the creature is introduced to music by the daughter and her boyfriend. He chills out for a while the kids figure out what to do with him. They call Medusa – an Elvira like cable TV host. And from there more silliness ensues.

Full of one-liners, cheese, and goofiness – TerrorVision should be considered a cult classic within its genre.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1986

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