The Boogens

May 22, 2010 11:00 am 4 comments

I mentioned earlier that I hadn’t watched a surprisingly scary film during this project. That all changed with my viewing of The Boogens.

I was fully expecting a movie about booger-flinging ghosts that are fond of saying boo. Instead of the aforementioned imaginary film; The Boogens is a well crafted creature flick about dark things that live in an old closed down mine.

Films that only show glimpses of scary things often are more frightening than ones that are in your face with a rubber or CGI monster.  Usually what’s in an audience member’s mind is much more frightening than what a filmmaker with a limited budget can achieve. Allowing the audience to use their imaginations is exactly what this film does. Yes, there is something terribly creepy living in the mine, but the viewer never gets a good view of the creature early on. Imaginations run rampant.

Four college educated twenty-somethings (a refreshing change from idiot teenagers) have rented a house for the winter near Silver City, Colorado. The group plans on spending the winter relaxing and working. The guys are helping a mine operation re-open a long-closed mine, one of the girls is a journalist for a paper and the other girl just wants to bone her boyfriend.

Actually, both girls wanna bone. This is a horror movie after all. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna bone?

The dialogue is much cleverer than would be expected. This includes a great scene that shows some real chemistry between the journalist girl and one of the guys. Instead of immediately doing it, the two banter back and forth at a bar using intelligent and often witty exchanges. Then they do it (and yes there are boobs).

The background is interesting and really sets the story up nicely. The mine was closed down 70 years prior due to a cave-in and reported attacks from the miners. The audience is able to piece together that opening the mine up again is a bad idea right from the start. If only the characters knew. This is reinforced when the guys find a pile of human bones in the mine that would make Gollum blush.

People and dogs begin to be mysteriously killed. Shadowy things pop out from under cars, cupboards, and other dark places intent on killing with brutal force. That’s what is great about this film. The audience can never quite get a grasp on what the creatures look like. Combined with the back-story this makes for some nervous viewing.

Kudos to the filmmakers for making a truly frightening horror film on a low budget.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1982

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  • Stacy

    This is the first horror movie I ever saw on vhs back in the early 80′s. I must have been about 12 or 13. I am pleased to see by your review that I wasn’t scared sh*tless only because I was a kid; this really was some frightening stuff!

  • Micah

    This has been one of the biggest surprises for me in this project. It really is well done and much scarier than I ever imagined it could be.

  • Tom

    Heres a couple you might want to check out, although they were TV movies, these few had an impact on my loving horror movies.
    1) Satan’s Triangle with Kim Novak
    2) Gargoyles
    3) Night of the Demons

    Have fun!

  • Micah

    Tom – I will have to check out Satan’s Triangle. As for other two, love ‘em both. Thanks.