Hospital Massacre

Barbi Benton (Playboy model) stars in this early 80’s slasher flick that takes place in, I’ll bet your never guess, a hospital.  Not a bad film actually, though the plot borders on the nonsensical.

A young hot woman, Barbi, stops by the hospital to get her test results. Expecting to be in and out of the hospital in a few short minutes, she leaves her boyfriend in the car, unbeknownst that a psycho from her past is about to unravel his devious plans for her.

The plans involve killing pretty much everyone in the hospital and providing fake test results for the lovely Barbi. The killer is quite successful in both regards. He kills heaps of people and blood runs freely throughout the film. And after doctoring the test results, everyone in the hospital begins to treat Barbi like she has the bubonic plague.

The movie is senseless because not for one second is there a belief that Barbi couldn’t just leave the hospital. Lucky for the viewing audience she doesn’t though.

As the hours go by her boyfriend continues to sit in the car. The only thing I can think of is that he must be a really poor boyfriend. I mean hell, after 20-30 minutes you would think he would go looking for his girl, right? Wrong. The movie is almost over before he finally shows up.

Another scene that seemed completely out of place was the checkup by the doctor. He strips her down to just her panties and the creepily touches her all over the place. Was this guy supposed to be a sleazoid? Was this just done so show some boobage? It didn’t really make any sense; neither did the fact that no one would tell Barbi what was supposedly wrong. The hospital staff would look at the x-rays, shrug, and move Barbi to another room.

To say the movie is unintentionally funny would be a disservice; it is flat out hilarious at times. The director also showed is penchant for fake blood scares, including a rather elaborate hamburger ruse. Yes, a hamburger ruse.

Even with all the unintentional humor the movie plays out well. Barbi is good in her role and was a looker for sure. The setting is a nice change of place and put to good use in several of the death scenes.

You could do much worse.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1982

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