Body Bags

Horror maestro John Carpenter directs and stars in this TV show turned anthology along with Tobe Hooper.

The segments were initially designed to be Showtime’s answer to HBO’s excellent series, Tales from the Crypt. The idea was axed and the segments spliced together into a delightfully devilish movie.

In “The Gas Station”, a young woman takes a night job working the register at a remote filling station. Sam Raimi makes a cameo here in what is definitely the scariest of the three mini-films. With fun twists and a host of possible killers, the young woman is surely in for a night that she will remember.

In “Hair”, Stacey Keach plays a balding man like only a balding man can play. This entry lacks all gravitas, but is at times hilarious. Keach tries an experimental hair re-growth product that allows him to have the hair of a young stallion – long and beautiful. The catch, well there is a big catch.

And finally in “The Eye”, Mark Hamill (Star Wars) stars as a promising baseball player that suffers a terrible accident in which he loses an eye and subsequently, his career. That is, until he is presented with a chance for an eye replacement surgery. The only problem is where did the eye come from? And why does it begin to control Hamill’s mind and actions?

Tom Arnold and Wes Craven also make appearances. It is too bad this didn’t take off and become a TV show. Based off these three episodes it certainly could have proved a worthy adversary to Tales from the Crypt.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1993

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