Psycho Cop

This movie should be renamed. I have a couple suggestions; The Curious Case of the Missing Caretaker and the Odd People Who Enjoy Looking For Him Way Too Much or The Cop Who Delivers Terrible One Liners While Butchering Some of the Worst Actors Ever to Grace Film.

Worst Film Ever? Or Best Film Ever? You decide.

It honestly took me three attempts to watch this movie in full without falling asleep.

This one is up there in the annals with Manos or Troll 2 as one of the worst movies ever made. It’s actually quite hard for me to write anything other than you just have to watch this to believe it.

For starters, the cop must be made out of magic because every time he is chasing a victim he is able to materialize in front of them no matter the circumstances. A victim clearly runs the opposite direction from the cop, no worries; one cut later and he is back in front of his victim. If you made a drinking game out of the number of times this happens, your survivability index would drop a thousand points. Note: I do not know what a survivability index is.

The six “actors” spend 90% of the movie searching for either the caretaker or other random objects like purses and beer. That is the plot. The cop picks them off one by one while they search for missing stuff.

What’s sad is the officer is by far the worst of all the actors. One would think, logically, that the titular character of a film should have some redeeming qualities as an actor or in this case at least the ability to look like a psycho cop. Robert R. Shafer aka Psycho Cop has neither.

The film does feature all these fine moments though: A muscly dude passing out after being lightly slapped, cop delivering one liners that aren’t funny, scary, or even amusing – unless you are  drunk, a guy hears something through blaring headphones that others cannot, super convenient log placement, and heart removal via stomach.

This is the definition of a bad film. Watch at your risk – and for goodness sake drink both before and after viewing. You may just enjoy the badness.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (One of the worst)

IMDB 1989

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