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Who says the 80’s only produced insanely good splatter horror flicks? Pin is a sorta tribute to Psycho updated and twisted enough to stand up and say, “Hey, I am a pretty damn good movie in my own right!”

Leon and Ursula are brother and sister. They have crappy parents. Their mother is an OCD clean freak and their father is a Doctor who pretty much ignores his kids except in one tiny little way.

No, he doesn’t rape them. He uses ventriloquism and a life-sized mannequin named Pin (Pinocchio – get it?) to explain the facts of life to his kids. Seems harmless enough, but little old Leon believes the doll is real. This is reinforced when Leon catches a nurse having sex with the mannequin.

After the parents die in a car crash, the fun begins. Leon brings Pin home to live with him and his sister. Pin begins to give Leon advice on life just like before. So the question is: Is Leon crazy or is Pin real? The answer is Leon is bat guano crazy. Eventually, Pin tells Leon who he should kill; which mostly happens to be guys interested in hooking up with his sister. Psycho enough for you?

Both Ursula (Cynthia Preston) and Leon (David Hewlett) are great in their roles. As Leon slips into madness he is often both frighteningly crazy and likeable in the same scene. I found myself caring for the characters and feeling quite drawn in by the predicament Ursula must deal with. On one hand she loves her brother dearly, on the other; he is bonkers and is causing serious harm to her and her friends.

Pin is a well done psychological thriller that will keep you watching all the way to the shocking conclusion. If you haven’t already seen this film do yourself a favor and check it out.

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1988

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