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You are correct. This movie IS about a giant pig wreaking havoc on a bunch of disposable persons in the Australian Outback.

What’s amazing about Razorback is both the directing and cinematography. Both are remarkable beyond belief for this type of film. It absolutely feels like a high-end “A” movie that cut no corners nor spared any expense. At the helm for this impressive feat was Russell Mulcahy, who has directed everything from Queen music videos to the Dale Earnhardt story to an upcoming 3D horror flick titled Bait. He also directed one other little film of note that you may have heard of – Highlander.

The script, however, is pure B-movie cheese; likable and melty to-the-max. Or maybe that was the sandwich I just ate. Either way, both my sandwich and this movie are tasty.

A nosy bitch, also known as a reporter who should’ve minded her own business travels to the Outback to film a documentary about kangaroo shooters. She runs into a couple of no good townie yokels who decide she looks rather delicious herself. Before they have time to make an illegitimate baby with her, a giant car-sized razorback swoops in and eats her. Not her best day.

Will straight up run through your house

Her estranged husband comes looking and runs into the crazy-old-man-that-no-one-believes-but-they-should-because-he-is-totally-right. The old man tells the husband stories about a giant killer razorback that ate his grandson and probably his wife. The hunt is on.

The husband ends up lost in the large, bizarre, and desolate Outback and begins to hallucinate about disgusting horse creatures. This is most excellent.

The movie comes to a rather predictable end but is absolutely worth watching for the cinematography alone. I will go out on a limb and say this is the best shot film in all of horror. No joke.

The creature effects are decent – there is something about non-CGI monsters that just feels right. Not to mention this flick is just a lot of fun. I love the how the boar can run through cars, houses, and trailers like he is some kind of super tank. The razorback is one tough son of a bitch. Hell, bullets can’t kill him and I doubt a nuclear bomb would do much either.

Razorback is atmospheric and awesome. One question: Why isn’t there a sequel to this gem? (Note: Not a remake but a sequel)

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1994

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