This movie reminds me that not all creatures are inherently fit to star in a horror movie. Some creatures are just not scary, frogs fit into this category. But this isn’t really a horror flick as much as it is a nature exacting revenge on the inconsiderate human race. And in that regard the movie works well.

Same Elliot plays the good guy – yes that Sam Elliott. Sam winds up at a rich old man’s mansion in the swamp that has recently become overrun with, you guessed it, frogs.

As the movie picks up, it is a bit slow early on, the deaths begin. The movie wants you to believe the frogs are masterminding the whole “kill the humans” operation. You see, the frogs have recruited turtles, lizards, spiders, snakes and alligators to do a lot of the dirty work. As everyone knows, frogs are the smartest creatures in the swamp and thus in charge of all swamp related military missions.

Early on the guests at the mansion are about to sit down for dinner when they notice a snake hanging from a chandelier. How do they get rid of it? Pull out a revolver, in a room full of people, and shoot the snake off of course. I haven’t seen a great many things that seemed more unnecessary and risky in my movie watching career.

The frogs then send out a turtle to kill a lady and some spiders to web a dude up. These scenes are as ridiculous as they sound. My favorite death however, was the old lizards-trap-you-in-a-greenhouse-and-then-spill-tons-of-poison-causing-suffocation trick. That one never gets old. If I had a nickel for every time that one worked.

The bad deaths and cheesy plot actually make the film enjoyable in a train wreck way. Each scene is as ridicule ready as the one before. Not to mention the viewer is showered with shots of random frogs sitting around throughout the whole movie – and who doesn’t like that?

You can’t go wrong with Frogs if you are looking for a movie about animals organizing and executing a death operation against the human race.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1972

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