Without Warning

This is the second best movie featuring flying starfish of death (Number one being Rock ‘N Roll Nightmare). Come to think of it, they may be the only movies to ever feature rubber starfish as weapons.

Without Warning is essentially the movie Predator in slasher form, though Without Warning predates Predator by 7 years.

An alien hiding in the woods runs amok and murders campers, townsfolk, and anything else that crosses his path. That is the gist of the film. Nothing too deep here.

David “I always wear sunglasses” Caruso makes an early appearance but thankfully dies quickly. The other actors include Martin Landau, Cameron Mitchell and Jack Palance – a pretty great cast. Unfortunately, the script is weak and causes the caricature effect in which nobody is even remotely close to believable in their roles.

It is campy both literally and figuratively. The surviving young adults spend 75% of the movie running around in the forest trying to escape the alien. The alien’s motivation for killing seems to be more for sport than anything. My best guess is the alien was out on vacation looking for a little action and figured Earth could provide some fun.

The death scenes that involve the rubber starfish are pretty darn good. Considering the filmmakers back then actually had to create practical effects. If you read my reviews you know that I love practical effects and despise most CGI. Director, Greydon Clark and his special effects crew (Greg Cannom) did a worthy job of making the starfish and the alien look menacing throughout most of the film.

Without Warning is neither bad nor good, it just kinda exists. You could do worse but I wouldn’t spend a lot time trying to track this film down unless you are the President of the Caruso Fan Club.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1980

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