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I avoided watching this movie for almost three years; mostly because I thought it would be stupid. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how devilishly good this flick really is.

Terry O’Quinn (Lost) plays the bad dad and does so with pin-point accuracy. He is truly frightening as a man who just wants a perfect family, nothing more.

Right from the opening scene you know you are in for a treat. Terry is seen calmly shaving and cutting his scraggly hair. Once he cleans up, Terry nonchalantly leaves the house and walks through bloody and butchered bodies of the family he just murdered all the while whistling to himself. Think crazy gruesome. Awesome, awesome scene.

From there he goes out and gets himself another wife and restarts his quest for the perfect family. His new wife has a teenage daughter; who I totally remember from the early 90’s as a chick I wanted to hook up with. Everything seems normal but with Terry the slightest misstep can unleash the beast within.

The film is effective as a thriller and has enough gore to please the hounds as well. Most of the violence is short, brutal and unexpected. And Terry is both menacing as hell and normal as apple pie from scene to scene

It all adds up for a fun watch, I just wish I would have given the film a chance a few years back. I promise it is better than some formulaic crap-tastic remake made in 2009.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1987

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