Mr. Frost

June 5, 2010 6:47 pm 2 comments ,

Jeff Goldblum as the Devil. Pleased to meet you.

At 1 AM, after getting my ass handed to me in a 3 hour Call of Duty session I decided to fire up Netflix and watch this movie. In retrospect that was probably not the best idea. Mr. Frost is an intellectual thought provoking psychological thriller that deserves the attention of someone who isn’t pissed off about getting killed 11 times in a row at one point during the evening.

With that said, Goldblum’s performance was splendid enough to have kept me awake through the entire film, well, that and a Red Bull nearly the size of a Big Gulp. He was born to play mysterious roles like this one where he develops a confusing, inimitable, curious, malevolent, and charming personality over the course of 90 minutes.

The basic gist is Goldblum is a serial killer who may just be the devil. It delves into deep and supposedly meaningful topics like good and evil, scientists, humanity, and other psychological mumbo jumbo.

The majority of the film is a battle of the wits between the Devil and a Scientist Doctor (Kathy Baker). She struggles with her beliefs while Goldblum works his magic on her mind.

After performing a miracle and killing several people it becomes apparent that maybe Mr. Chaos Theory is in fact the real deal. Meanwhile, Alan Bates plays the detective and sports a haircut that is absolutely ridiculous. Who was in charge of hair for this movie? Lady Gaga?

The fact the film plays rather close to the chest gives the audience a chance to make a lot of their own impressions and thoughts about the discussion and content. You get to choose your own ending like those awesome books from the early 90’s.

Mr. Frost is a little underwhelming and I could certainly see some saying this film is a snoozer but I enjoyed the devil out of it.

So is Golblum really Lucifer or just a nutjob? You decide.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1990

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  • Bleaux Leaux

    Ah! I had almost forgotten about this one from the days when VHS tapes rules the earth like dinosaurs. Haven’t seen it since, but I recall Goldblum as being above his usual game and the movie as whole to actually be pretty good.

  • Micah

    Yeah, I believe this one only exists on VHS to this day to own. It is available for streaming now on a couple sites but that is all. A nice intelligent horror film!