Fright Night Part 2

William Ragsdale is back as Charlie Brewster (aka The Brewster) in the follow up to the best vampire movie ever made.

Fright Night 2 follows Charlie and Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), now struggling with the events that happened in the previous film. Charlie is in therapy trying to rationalize what transpired and Mr. Vincent still hosts his TV show but is even kookier than before.

The story has evolved (read: not duplicated) from the original. This time around Charlie is in college, has a smoking hot girlfriend (A big upgrade over Marcy Darcy in my opinion) and a dorm room that looks like the 80’s threw up all over the place.

The vampire is Regine Dandridge (Jerry Dandridge’s sister) who is out for revenge against Charlie and Peter. Regine has recruited some help in the form of a washed out Vietnam vet looking guy who happens to be a werewolf, a ghoul literally made out of bugs, and an androgynous vampire who is almost always on roller skates. Yes, you read correctly.

Regine Dandridge (Julie Carmen) is the archetype of a seductive, sexy, silky smooth female vampire. Carmen delivers one of the best female vampire roles on film.

Peter and Charlie are without a doubt my favorite vampire killing duo and they absolutely deliver once again. Both of their performances are bigger and better than before. You will not be disappointed – in fact, it would be nearly impossible not to enjoy their chemistry.

Meet Regine Dandridge

Fright Night 2 gets a little silly, okay a lot silly when compared the original. This is the only movie with a bowling montage featuring a vampire, werewolf, and a ghoul. Why are they bowling you may ask? Well, you see they had some time to kill before the big plan was hatched so they jetted off to the bowling alley. I have often wondered if the PBA sponsored this movie in some manner as there are more than a few references to the joys of bowling in this flick.

The special effects are superb as to be expected. My favorite was the melting see-through face, though the end of the flick also packs in a ton of fun goreriffic moments that are not to be missed.

As a sequel the film delivers, although it never quite captures the goodness of the first, it is still a worthy and fun 80’s entry into the vampire genre.

Unfortunately for those that don’t already own it, it’s nearly impossible to find. The DVD routinely sells on eBay for ridiculous amounts of cash. Scour your local pawn shops as I am sure the price will continue to rise in advance of the remake of the original.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1988

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