For starters, this film is odd. Odd in that is goes almost nowhere. Odd in that it tries to be an intelligent horror film though it promotes itself as a monster flick. And even odder that it feels like the nuclear waste industry may have financed this film.

A Governmental watch dog group, Doomwatch, sends their top man, Dr. Shaw, to a remote island in the UK to investigate an oil spill. The plot seems relevant given British Petroleum’s recent trouble with that certain valuable substance.

Initially, the Doctor is met with a cold disposition from the villagers. They are hiding a terrible secret, think Wicker Man or any host of British horror films from this era. The outsider is treated poorly for no reason other than being an outsider.

The doctor discovers some peculiar things like dead bodies and deformed people. With a little more poking around, he discovers giant fish in masse around the “Do Not Fish” areas on the island. A little more poking around unfolds that the fish contain a human growth hormone of sorts. This hormone seems to be the culprit in causing the villagers deformities.

Now for the part about the nuclear industry sponsoring the movie. Dr. Shaw eventually finds out the government dumped something into the water near the village. When he presses about the content, the General-of-dumping-things-into-water informs him all the government put in the water was a little nuclear waste. No big deal. NO BIG DEAL! Everyone in the film immediately agrees that toxic waste couldn’t possibly be the problem. And that is the last of the nuclear waste topic. Blame the hormone dumping because clearly toxic waste is for the best. Long live the radioactive waste (literally)!

The thing is, at this point, you discern almost everything there is to know. The rest of the film goes on to issue a bunch of cautionary tales about dumping human glands into the ocean (remember, nuclear waste is okay) and what ramifications may come.

The townsfolk continue to act like idiots who don’t take kindly to people trying to help them. The Doctor continues to try and help. Blah. Blah. Blah.

If you are a horror fan I recommend avoiding this one. If you believe corporations are evil and governments are good then you might give it a go.

As a side note, the film was based on a UK TV show of the same name.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1972

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