Beware! The Blob

Larry Hagman (I Dream of Jeanie, Dallas) directed this film and exactly zero others during his long and storied career in the entertainment industry.  A little context. Michael Bay and Uwe Boll have made over 40  terrible films combined with no end in site. How bad of a movie must you make in order to not get another chance? Just ask J.R..

The film opens on a kitten playing in a field while heavily synthesized crap plays in the background. Predictably, this was the high point of the film, because as you know, kittens doing almost anything are a massive international phenomenon.

The only reason I believe people actually like this film is for the rather large cast of cameos of actors (Dick Van Patten, Cindy Williams, Gerrit Graham) that were famous in the 70s, but not now. I think the lovers of this horror parody like seeing the forgotten stars of yesteryear and it somehow blinds them to just how stupid and silly what they are watching is.

The plot is about a blob, otherwise known as a piece of rubber in the foreground, from space that likes to eat bad actors. The film has elements from both comedy and horror, but not enough of either to have kept me interested.

Scariest Scene in the Film

Eventually the blob attacks a bowling alley, which is appropriate because this movie is a turkey. How’s that for a little bowling humor?

There a few great movies in the parody/spoof genre. Airplane and Kentucky Fried Movie come to mind. And considering the massive amount of talented people involved in this, there was no reason for it to stink so fiercely.

The directing, acting, sound and lighting were all garbage. The special effects were uneven at best, especially the blob, which looks more like jello than a killing machine.

Avoid unless you want to reminisce with Major Nelson and his shagadelic friends.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1972

Watch Full Movie for Free…if you dare.

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