100 Reviews in the Bank: A Reflection

100 days ago I launched this website with the goal to watch and review a horror movie every day for one year. And I am happy to say that through the first nearly third of the year I have done just that. I recently sat down with myself and conducted an interview to celebrate.

Q: What psychological and physical have you suffered after viewing a virtual cornucopia of violent murders, fake blood, and bad acting each and every day?

Micah: Glad you asked fake interviewer. No doubt it is tough to find the time and energy to watch people die by horrific means each day and write about it, but I found that once I alienated all my friends and became a total hermit the project became much easier.

Q: Why put yourself through this kind of self-induced torture? You a masochist? No one is going to read your crappy reviews about crappy movies anyway.

M: Thanks for the support.

Q: I meant that as no disrespect, but as you know there are literally thousands of other shitty blogs about horror movies out there. What makes you special? Why should people read the musings of a random fanboy?

M: Because chicks liked that movie Julie and Julia and what I am doing is pretty much the guy version of that film/blog. Except, replace French food with horror movies. Also, I am not nearly as annoying as Amy Adams and promise not to break down and cry. But other than that, it is the same thing.

Q: What films have you most enjoyed over the course of the first 100 days?

M: My favorite film that I hadn’t seen before is The Brainiac, an obscure Mexican horror movie that was so bad that it not only crossed over the magic line and became good again; it made me fall off my chair and injure myself during a laughing fit.

Q: Do you think watching bad horror films every day will make you a giant loser unable to communicate effectively with real people in the real world?

M: Once again, thanks for the support.

Q: Shouldn’t you find something more productive to do with your time? Like read, exercise, get a life? You know those kinds of things.

M: You would think since you are a fake interviewer you would be much nicer.

Q: Let me rephrase. After writing a 100 horror movie reviews I imagine you are knee deep in pussy. How do you manage all the tail that must be thrown at you incessantly because of your awesome website?

M: Much better question. At times it is tough, but I recently watched How to be a Player starring Bill Bellamy and I took notes so I think I am good.

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