Blue Monkey

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Blue Monkey aka Insect is an 80s throwback to the giant bug movies of the 50s. The plot is straight forward; a giant bug is loose in a small town hospital. And as we all know, nothing good can come from giant bugs being loose in any environment.

The hospital is eventually quarantined and the people stuck inside are totally screwed unless a tough guy cop, a doctor, and a bug scientist (why must scientists always be brought in) can save them.

Why would a film about a terrifying killer bug be named Blue Monkey? Well, you see, the filmmakers decided to name their film after an obscure piece of dialogue from the film that in no way makes sense or is related to the plot. And to make matters even worse, they actually changed the name from Insect to its current title.

In the long line of killer bug movies this one is rather strange. In most cases, the bug growth is caused by either nuclear reactions or aliens. Here, there is no explanation outside of some business about a plant from a new volcano being involved and maybe some mysterious powder in the hospital. Logically, this would mean that everything on the volcano will eventually turn into some sort of giant, mutated, killing machine. Alas, there are no sequels to this gem.

John Vernon (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) makes an appearance along with a very young Sarah Polley (Splice). And while this movie won’t make anyone’s top 50 horror movies list, I still enjoyed it.

The film moves rather quickly with a lot of energy. The lighting was great, by great I mean great at hiding how ridiculous the giant bug looked. Most of the shots involving the bug are murky at best, but when you work on a small budget you gotta do what you gotta do.

For the gorehounds, there are a few scenes including nice decapitation and blood thrown in for good measure. Also, lasers play a prominent role in the film and who doesn’t love lasers?

By the end of the film I really felt bad for the cancer kids; a small group of children in the hospital destined to die horrible deaths. I was thinking maybe the bug should have got to all of them. He could have popped their heads off one at time and sucked their juices up. That would have certainly made the film more memorable.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1987

First 10 minutes of the film (the rest of the film is there also)

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