This movie answers an *important* question in horror cinema circles. What would Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive look like if it was remade by the USA channel with 10% of the budget, a lesser script, and a remote controlled killer Tonka truck.

Remaking Maximum Overdrive has as much use tap-dancing microprocessor controlled portrait of a bowl of soup. But it happened and we all have to come to terms with it.

Based on the now infamous Stephen King short, Trucks tells a story of epicly melodramatic town folk fighting for their lives against murdering trucks.

There is no excuse or piece of information that could possibly make this movie better, but as a train wreck this may be the ultimate bad movie. It literally has some of the worst/funniest moments put to the screen.

I will start with the remote controlled Tonka truck of death. In the most ridiculous scene in the movie, a mailman is stalked by a toy truck. Eventually, the 4-5 pound truck pulls a nifty shin attack and knocks the mailman down. Instead getting up and tossing the small truck into a trash can or simply kicking the crap out of it; the mailman stays down and is repeatedly rammed in the head until his brain explodes into a bloody mess. The logistics (which I could dedicate a whole blog post on) alone make this one of the all-time funniest deaths in movie history.

Another scene that really fought hard for the coveted “Most Ridiculous Scene of the Movie” involves what has to be the most blatant use of a prop axe in cinema. Just watch it. Your eyes may fall out.

The acting is a step below Mentos commercials. Every character is terrible and to be honest, I rooted for them all to die.

My favorite bits of dialogue:

Melodramatic Teen: Why is everybody dying?

Old Hippie: I don’t know. I’m just an old hippie.

Outside of the hilarious death scenes the trucks have other astonishing abilities. I particularly liked when a truck was using its mirrors to spy on some people and then in order to not be caught it moves the mirrors back and tries to act all nonchalant. This really happens. No joke.

Now as you probably could have guessed, this movie is not for everyone (i.e.…sane people). For those of us who love bad B-Movies though, this is a must watch and must own.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ

IMDB 1997


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